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this is a collection of images i have come across online. it's a home for my favourites so i can revisit them from time to time. i do not claim that any of the images posted here are mine. if there is any issue with copyright of images posted here, please let me know and I will remove them as soon as i can. all the images posted are linked to the websites where i found them.

(via ¬© Leila Jeffreys ~ ‘Ash’ Grey Falcon ~ 2014 fine art inkjet print on archival cotton rag paper at Olsen Irwin Gallery Sydney Australia)

(via new homewares collection from ferm living / sfgirlbybay / sfgirlbybay)

(via Mushimegane Books Otsukimi Bowl with Stem | Handcrafted Artisan Japanese Homeware & Kitchenware at Ginkgo Leaf, Sydney)

(via cubiclerefugee)


Plywood & Sunlight | Thou Swell

(via stooorage)

(via cubiclerefugee)


Love the collection by Another Ballroom

(via ernests)

(via designaddictmom)


Jean Prouvé exhibit by Sign Tokyo

(via modernlove20)

(via Blackwood Street Bunker by Clare Cousins Architects | Yellowtrace.)